Who is rick gonzalez dating

New York City native Rick Gonzalez is a living, breathing testament to the spirit of the hit 1980s TV series and film "Fame." After attending the very same performing arts high school that inspired the Debbie Allen ...Anyhoo, this movie about a guy who has a bad habit of dumping girlfriends that he is almost getting into a serious relationship with due to commitment phobia, but this time he goes to far with a lie about a sick aunt.He ends up letting go of the best girl he ever had and soon wakes the hell up from la la land and realizes that she is the one that he wants to put a ring on it.Gonzalez had a nice 2007-09 run on that show as namesake character Ben Gonzalez.Around these two career milestones, Gonzalez has appeared in a "Lie to Me" here and a "CSI: Miami" there.See full summary » Curtis King, a handsome and popular student athlete, may know his way around the basketball court, but his heart still needs a game plan.

Then we see the big calendar that's been popping up throughout the film to show the progression of time and it clearly shows the 14th (Valentine's Day) as a Tuesday.

We want to feel sorry for him, but we will not because of his own inept stupidity of game playing in the first place. Lala Vasquez-Anthony is not a great actress, but she looks good on camera and is okay in her role, the same as she was in the movie "Baggage Claim" with beautiful and talented actress Paula Patton.

It is totally unrealistic that a woman as pretty as Lala is going to be romantically hooking up with a geeky dork like guy, DJ unless he is super billionaire wealthy.

Actors Mo Mc Crae, DJ Qualls and Rick Gonzalez are okay in their roles.

Several years ago, I saw Rick in a good low budget movie " Illegal Tender" in 2007 with two very pretty Latina actresses, Zulay Henao (Colombia) and Dania Ramirez (Republica Dominicana).

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