Waiting and dating google books

On Friday, a federal circuit court made clear that Google Books is legal.

A three-judge panel on the Second Circuit ruled decisively for the software giant against the Authors Guild, a professional group of published writers which had alleged Google’s scanning of library books and displaying of free “snippets” online violated its members’s copyright.

Using a complex mechanism, it would allow the owners of scanned, out-of-print libraries, such as Google or actual non-profits like the Hathitrust library, to make a limited set of them available with payouts to authors.

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This means that fair use can evolve and change over time; it also means that the only real way to find out if something is “fair use” is to ask a federal court.Packer was an early termination from the Peace Corps, leaving Togo six months prior to the end of his contracted period of service. was the most ambitious library project of our time—a plan to scan all of the world’s books and make them available to the public online.Unfortunately, Google made the mistake it often makes, which is to assume that people will trust it just because it's Google.For their part, authors and publishers, even if they did eventually settle, were difficult and conspiracy-minded, particularly when it came to weighing abstract and mainly worthless rights against the public’s interest in gaining access to obscure works.

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