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Cities like Jericho, Ur are built, requiring all sorts of architecture and forms of public art.

Tomb art, exemplified by Egyptian pyramids, becomes highly developed: see Egyptian Architecture for details. Europe experiences a much later Neolithic period, and lags behind artistically.

The same applies to archeological sites, containing rock art like cupules, petroglyphs, pictographs and other prehistoric works.

Thus this list of the earliest art by our ancestors like Homo erectus, Homo heidelbergensis, Homo neanderthalensis, and Homo sapiens sapiens - should be seen merely as a snapshot of an ongoing process of discovery.

Nearby hand stencils were dated to about 37,000 BCE. The oldest art in Asia and the world's oldest hand stencil. Upper Paleolithic (40,000-8,000 BCE) The major period of early fine art, exemplified by portable art like the Venus Figurines, bas-relief sculpture and the polychrome cave paintings and engravings of Lascaux and Altamira. Neanderthal man replaced by anatomically modern man, like Cro-Magnon Man.

CHRONOLOGY OF THE UPPER PALEOLITHIC • Aurignacian Art (40,000-25,000 BCE) • Gravettian Art (25,000-20,000 BCE) • Solutrean Art (20,000-15,000 BCE) • Magdalenian Art (15,000-10,000 BCE) The Magdalenian period witnessed the apogee of Franco-Cantabrian cave art, with the Lascaux cave paintings and the Altamira cave paintings setting awesome standards of colouring and composition.

Preliminary investigation by paleontologists of the age of a particular stone artifact or rock begins with a thorough examination of the location-site together with a study of the geological record.

At present, a large variety of fossils, tools and artifacts are being studied by paleoanthropologists and other Stone Age scholars, in order to fix their date of origin.Here is a list of the top 10 oldest works of Prehistoric art created during the Stone Age.It features all the major types of Paleolithic art yet discovered, including: petroglyphs (the oldest type of cultural expression), parietal art (like cave painting, as well as hand stencils and other abstract signs) and also mobiliary art (like ivory carving and other portable forms of sculpture).In ice-free regions, there is a shorter Mesolithic period (called Epipaleolithic) or else the Neolithic period begins immediately, leading to more sophicated sculpture, open-air rock art and the growth of clay-fired ceramics.For an example of Mesolithic cave art, see Cuevas de las Manos (Cave of the Hands) dating to 7,300 BCE.

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