Telugu sex messeges chating in fb

Well these kinds of love story, funny stories, songs lyrics are getting really popular on Whatsapp.Since these are simple images, people share these among friends or groups and ask the people to decode the story. This article is huge collection of such “Whatsapp Emoticon Stories“! ***************** Lovers sitting in a park, boy tries to kiss the girl.. Boy: Don't worry darling "I am already MARRIED" ***************** Why do girls look beautiful? But All Boys R Always There To Help Any Unknown Girl..;) (Boys r best than girls) ***************** A boy said: i love u to a girl But girl replied s0ry i love sum 1 else The b0y in sad m00d l0oked at the girl and said Bataon teri ammi ko ? Larki Replied : Haat mere gaal tere, Kan ke niche bajaoo kya.... (kamini sb ko add karti hai kitno ko fasa ke rakha hoga) Girl: kyu btau? ***************** 1 larke ne achanak 1 larki ko dekh kar bola : Lafz tere geet mere, Gazal koi sunao kya ... To avoid the problem in future they purchased X-Ray machine of 60 thousand dollars to check in the assembly line that whether soap is packed in the cover or not in. - it's very important in life to learn 'shift delete'. - we always fall in love with the most unexpected person - necessity is the mother of invention, girlfriend is the mother of necessities..

If you need to get messages related to boys or girls so now days you can get it very easily. :-) ***************** There are a thousand reasons: Why a girl calls a boy.. GF: Aaj ka din hi kharab hai, Mera bhi naakhoon toot gaya, Itni Mushkil se bada kiya tha..?? Boy: Lo Kar Lo Baat, Friendship Hui Nahi Farmaishan Shuru! ***************** Boys R Very Kind Than Girls Proof : Most Of The Girls Dont Like To Help Unknown Boys. Boys have g Ud IMAGINATION ***************** Boy: I kiss u without touching U .

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