Speed dating in swansea wales

Transport for London (Tf L) and My Single are hosting a free dating event on board MBNA Thames Clippers and the Emirates Air Line on Thursday 12 February.Singles and their loyal wingmen and wingwomen are invited to take to the river and skies to find a date for their single friends in two romantic settings. A press officer told us that this was, in not so many words, exactly what it looks like: a marketing pitch for some of Tf L's lesser known services.

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We will have speakers and support from Swansea University, Gower College, Careers Wales, Entrepreneur Tino Dzaro, Big Ideas Wales Role Models, GCS Training and FSB Women.Whether you’re just curious or been vegan for years, this talk is for everyone and gives you a bundle of useful information to take home.The new ‘The Incredible Vegan Health Report’ will be available at this talk.: Why Vegan Diets Work/ Why We Thrive on Vegan Diets- With an increasing amount of interest in vegan diets, there’s a fast growing body of research confirming that humans thrive on a vegan diet.This talk explains why and how vegan diets make us healthier and reduce the risks of many diseases.

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