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This shyness comes from having moved many times due to her father's work and not having been able to make fast friends as a result. She loves to sing and dance and dreams of becoming an idol.She often poses or reenacts scenes she has seen in shōjo manga or anime. She joined the tennis club since she looks up to Haruka. When they were children, she promised to be her stepbrother's true little sister, but secretly feels that Kazuya is her ideal man.Her grades are about average and she is not very athletic either.She always distances herself from her other classmates and would react timidly should anyone attempt to start a conversation with her.Haruka is the protagonist's classmate and object of affection.She is very popular among both boys and girls, has good grades and plays tennis very well.and Enterbrain, and was released for the Play Station Portable on February 2, 2012.Due to Enterbrain's involvement, Photo Kano is considered the spiritual successor to Kimi Kiss and Amagami despite having no recurring staff except for Ichirō Sugiyama who was the producer for Kimi Kiss.

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Yuko and Hikari are friends of hers, even though they belong to different clubs. Katsumi was the ace of the volleyball club until she injured her ankle during her freshman year, forcing her to retire.

The lone female member of the club, from class 1-C, her nickname is "Stealth", because of her specialty in photographing unsuspecting subjects.

Due to the mole below her left eye as well as other clues, it is hinted that she is the popular cosplayer, Alice.

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is a Japanese dating sim game developed by Dingo Inc.

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