Maryland dating laws

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When spouses in Maryland agree to split up and amicably hammer out a separation agreement, state law still makes them wait a year to file for divorce.

That will change Thursday — at least for some couples — when a new law eliminates the waiting period for those without minor children who mutually consent to divorce and agree on a property split.

Couples with children will still have to live apart for a year before they can file, even if they have resolved custody and support issues.

With the passage of the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act, Maryland joins California and New York in expanding pay equity protections.

The act significantly amend the current statute, Md. and expands both the scope of the law and its remedies.

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If your new boyfriend/girlfriend cares enough about you, they will wait while you finalize everything with your divorce, understanding that this new relationship will impact your divorce proceedings.

If you have kids, now is definitely not the time to bring a new girlfriend/boyfriend into their lives.

For example, an employee who discovered she was subject to a gender based pay differential during her employment could choose not to assert claims until many years later, her employment is terminated.

Maryland employers have a few months—until October 1—before the new law becomes effective, but they can take action now—before the government or litigants do so.

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