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Even with the best of intentions, capital punishment has never been proven effective as a deterrent to crime.

Obviously it is easier to eliminate criminals than to get rid of the root causes of criminality in society.

Perhaps we can think of this rock as Christ himself, stricken and afflicted on the cross but gushing forth with life-giving water, making it possible for God’s people to cross over the barren desert of hatred, sin and death into the promised land of fullness of life.

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ—let us not allow our wells to be poisoned by bitter water; let us uphold the sanctity of life and make a stand against death penalty.

We are not deaf to the cries of the victims of heinous crimes.

The victims and their victimizers are both our brothers and sisters.

To the people who use the Bible to defend death penalty, need we point out how many other crimes against humanity have been justified, using the same Bible?

As a law, death penalty directly contradicts the principle of inalienability of the basic human right to life, which is enshrined in most constitutions of countries that signed the universal declaration of human rights.

Let us pray fervently for the legislators of our country as they prepare to vote on death penalty in the Philippine Senate.

Ang mga biktima at ang mga nambiktima ay parehong ating mga kapatid.

Ang biktima at ang mga naniniil ay parehong mga anak ng Diyos.

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