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This leads many who are natural submissives to live behind a facade of assertiveness.Some husbands will fight the idea they are anything less than the ‘alpha male’ simply because they can’t handle the conflict internally of not being the ‘alpha male’.This behavior is who we are at an instinctive level.As we mature, we are told to repress this behavior in favor of what our society tells us is acceptable social behavior.Humiliation is part of cuckolding because it is a form of power exchange.In our culture it’s a submissive act to allow someone to humble you – especially for a male.I’m bringing all this dominance/submission stuff up because whether people realize it or not, D/s is a part of our lives every day and always has been.When you were in school and you sized someone up and decided whether they were someone you might a) pick on b) be friends with or c) steer clear of, you were exercising an instinctive behavior of social ranking. At one end we have submissive – at the other, dominant.

The dependable friend, neighbor, co-worker seemingly sheltered from the twisted and warped debaucheries of the world. I am wet and dripping in anticipation of your call. VIP Call Specials Hot Discounts Introductions To Our Newest Girls Featured Girls Updates! Just enter your Email address below to start enjoying the benefits!Couples not overtly one or the other are leaving a natural part of their relationship on the table, unexplored.Without someone in ‘control’ there will be chaos (or at least a lot of room for uncertainty).Come here sweetheart, sit next to phone sex mommy Bridgette and let’s have us a little chat, shall we? I know what it’s like to hide behind the shroud of normalcy, all the while needing to feed the beast within. I have seen it enough times reflecting back at me from such young eyes to know how true my words are. Maybe I’ll even teach you all about the birds and the bees late at night when I visit you in the darkness. You sit there in your vanilla world, projecting a seemingly vanilla life, thinking no one could possibly know what depravities lurk inside that mind of yours…but I do. But still feeling there is no relief, no release, no outlet for those unspoken taboos. Your personal phone sex Mommy is here and will kiss it and make it all better. I’ll let you peek and watch…or better yet, give you a ringside seat for all the festivities.

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