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Because we are really late to the game — let’s talk about this — I’m sure that if you look at the first video that got uploaded to You Tube, it was a pet video.

But we’re concentrating on delivering something we think our audience will like, and we believe that that is all we need to do.

Huh: Well, the job of the editing is to enhance the dramatic elements while also still maintaining that feel.

If you look at What Lies Beneath, with the cat hiding in packing peanuts — in the original video as it came to us, you can actually see the cat popping in and out.

channel, “was a lot more work than we expected,” according to CEO Ben Huh via phone.Funny, but not half as funny as some of the lolcats on the website.There are a few brand new lolcats in here that just aren't that funny.Four stars for the ridiculously cute Professor Happy Cat illustrations, though!The Cheezburger Network, which never met a meme or concept it wasn’t afraid to aggregate, has another experiment in store.

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    Instead of captioning pictures of cats, though, the new channel tackles a genre left previously to hidden camera shows and MTV’s , which launched today, is the 53rd site to join the Cheezburger Network, and came from bringing together comedians like Tom Green, Canadian web comic Paul Telner as well as media personalities from all walks of life, including music, food and prank calling.

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    After five days, however, not one video had been uploaded to the newly launched site.