Dating when you are disabled

I'm dating, and I would like to be in a long-term committed relationship with someone. Do you have a fascinating sex life you'd want to share with ELLE?

I recently moved from Atlanta to the Bay Area and dating is going a lot better here.

There are lots of netmummies and daddies who post on here with these concerns.

Yes, there are idiots out there and you'll meet your fair share, (thankfully they'll be virtual). And with a bit of practice, you'll be able to sniff out those you know aren't going to measure up.

I have pictures on my profiles of me with my walker or with my cane. I've even named what kind of disability I have in some ads. When I didn't disclose my disability, I ran into problems.

I once encountered a guy who came over, said he had to go in his car and get something, and just drove away.

The first few years, I was consumed with motherhood.

I was overwhelmed with learning to adapt to my new body, which doesn't have sensation in some areas; paralysis affects my right hip, leg, and foot.

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