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A year will give him time to be alone and get accustomed to single life and be living on his own again, which is an important transition.Also giving him a year to get himself together will also ensure that the relationship between him and his ex is officially over.This is not the position you want to find yourself in during the relationship, as it will not only cause you a lot of frustration, but it will frustrate your partner as well.Nor should you feel, in a manner, that you are being compared to his ex-wife, nor should you try to emulate her. He is interested in you for who you are, not who you can become - least of all his ex. Try not to get into lengthy conversations about the relationship he had with his ex.The problem has been they have many assets and properties and the division was difficult. He has 2 college age children who have affected deeply as well.The beginning of July the family home went on the market. No pressure of course just trying to be supportive in all ways I can.

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Do not get upset when they communicate, as this is something that needs to happen, with or without you in the picture. His past does not belong to you, only his present and hopefully, his future.

It's a difficult thing to go from full-time father to part time. If he chooses not introduce you to his kids right away, it may be because he wants to protect his kids from another disappointment.

Any battles between you and his kids will be a losing one for you. The relationship is new, and neither of you know if it will last.

The best thing you can do is be positive in everything you say to him, also do not remind him of his current situation.

It will take time for him to get over the divorce so be understanding.

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