Dating a music man

I looked for boys at school with musical talent and always gave men with picks and sticks an extra chance.

I found myself as hot and bothered for 70-year-olds in Halls of Fame as I did 16-year-olds in school talent shows.

They’re no strangers to the allure of their strings.The man with the guitar may not have gotten into music to get chicks, but he sure as hell knows he’s going to get more girls with a guitar in his hands than without. Unfortunately for us, they know that women swoon at a G chord and remove their panties for an acoustic cover.And fortunately for them, this just adds to the allure.Because it doesn’t matter what you look like, where you come from or who you were, if you’re a man with an instrument, you’re a man with the ability to break hearts and do more drugs than we’ve ever seen.We imagine you breaking bottles, throwing amps and raising hell for the woman you love.

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