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He also jaunted out into the crowd to better hear a fan’s question, only to make her so overwhelmed by his presence that she began to cry.He gave her a big hug before returning to the stage.As any good “One Tree Hill” fan knows, Bethany Joy Lenz and Paul Johansson’s characters on the locally filmed series were almost always at odds.But on Saturday, the two actors were all smiles as they shared the stage for a Q&A on the second day of Eye Con’s “Return to Tree Hill” fan convention in Wilmington.She is also one-half of the band Everly, founded with her friend Amber Sweeney. We’re being held as leverage, you could say, for our kidnapper’s agenda. The first season will probably play out over the course of that particular hostage crisis.

At one point, he pulled small containers of Spam out of his back pocket and doled them out to fans that asked good questions.She has also starred as Michelle Bauer Santos on the soap opera Guiding Light and is recognized for her music as a solo artist and as a member of the band Everly.Bethany Joy Lenz was born on April 2, 1981, in Hollywood, Florida.Even to some of the most hardcore fans, it might have come as shock to learn that Lenz and Johnasson are actually quite close in real life. “We talk almost every day and our kids play together.” Lenz went on to say that it was friendships like the one she shares with Paul that are the most meaningful thing she took away from her nine years on the show.“It’s hard to condense all the great memories into one thing that is the most meaningful,” she said.

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