Being equally yoked dating

I've been wanting to have a conversation about this for a while now." Antonia wrote via Facebook: "Having the same goals spiritually helps make things easier." Somewhere out there last Sunday, the last day in a weekend following yet another lackluster Valentine's Day, a sista settled into her favorite pew of her church with her Bible pressed into her lap and a short litany of prayers to send up to the Lord at the altar.

At the top of that list: a gentle reminder to "The Great I Am" that she is still looking for the one.

"I think equally yoked has more to do with having the same destination and the same values.

"I'm more concerned about the emotional health of the individuals and if they both have what it takes to make the relationship work for them in a way that allows them to feel loved and honored and alive and free to pursue their passions." In her experience being equally yoked, even between two Christians, has more to do with a sharing of values and principles that can vary depending on upbringing, background and church affiliation.If you're doing ministry or you're in partnership with somebody to whom that ministry doesn't mean anything," she says, adding, "it's not going to help you do the work.And if that person is worshipping another God, then you're going to be hard pressed to have any harmony of belief or ministry in the relationship." Although that particular part of the Word wasn't rooted in the spirit of amorous love or marriage — in fact, if you read further, ol' Paul makes it pretty obvious that he wasn't much impressed by either one — its concepts of fellowship, harmony, agreement and sharing fit well within the building of a relationship. Hayes, executive pastor of Hunter Memorial AME Church in Suitland, Md., doesn't believe that Black women reading the 2 Corinthians verse should 1) take the scripture out of context of its New Testament time period and try to apply it verbatim to the here and now and 2) use it as a reason to limit themselves for who they can and cannot be with.' It's the same thing, it's just that your pastor gave you all these phrases that only you and the 12 people in your church understand," she warns."When you go out in the world and you're trying to make that dating thing happen, you're having difficulty because we have way too many languages." She has a little firsthand experience living out the concept herself.

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