Austin butler and alexa vega dating

But my mom was obsessed with him, and I had heard some of Mr. But I didn’t want—I watched The Partridge Family, but I didn’t watch—what was the–?

Plus in this song you can barley hear their voices. I thought the Ruby And The Rockits Songs were all insperaational but this one is just weird.

But it was really interesting being back in that 15-year-old group.

After Spy Kids, I just wanted so bad to be in more grown-up films and kind of play in adult movies and stuff like that.

And all of a sudden, this happened and there’s so much music involved that it’s a little bit intimidating, because it’s not really what I feel like I’m great at. Oh my gosh, he is—when we first started—I met them all during the pilot the first day, and you know, when you work with a family, you can have two things happen. They keep saying, “I have a feeling this show is going to do well.” And I think they probably sat me down about eight times, and they just kept saying, “Now, if the show does well, I really want to chat with you, because there are so many roads that you can go down.” So I’ve gotten that talk a lot. It’s nice to have a really good base and foundation to lean on. But my boyfriend’s really into old cars, so that kind of brought the three of us together. Shaun is really fathering and really nurturing, and it’s nice because he’s kind of like very—he’s very—how would you say it?

It’s a great mix between ABC and the Disney Channel.

You have enough edge that ABC has, but you have enough fun, family friendly stuff that the Disney Channel has. I’m actually a little disappointed because this week we only have kind of a little bit of a song, not really a full song.

I feel like it’s weird when people don’t know who the Cassidys are, just because The Partridge Family was so huge. I never had posters on my wall growing up.” I remember, like, a year after we had that argument, I was talking to my grandma, and I was like, “Yeah, and she didn’t let me put posters up on my wall because she said she didn’t have any when she was little.” And my grandma goes, “That’s not true. And actually one of the questions that I got a lot was, “Are you going to make an album now? But I feel like I just started with this whole music stuff and I have this really great opportunity with Ruby that I don’t want to rush through it. And then when it’s time for me to move on and kind of do my own thing, then I’ll do that. I don’t want to jump into the next thing before I’m ready for it.

I mean, I guess that wasn’t—I didn’t know what Shaun Cassidy had done other than some of his music stuff because my mom liked him, but I didn’t know about the show that he did. Is your mom or your grandmother a fan of David and Shaun? My grandma loved David Cassidy, but my mom was obsessed with Shaun Cassidy. She had a huge poster of Shaun Cassidy up on her wall.” And my grandma just came to this show last week and brought the picture of my mom’s room with the big, blow-up size, like, huge face of Shaun Cassidy right next to her bed. What’s it like working with Austin Butler and Kurt Doss?

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