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All functions are customizable and designed with entry-level users of R in mind.Tellervo is an open source desktop application for measuring and curating dendro samples.(In Windows XP, note that the Absoft software must be installed in its own folder on the root hard drive while ARSTAN itself will install under Program Files.) The graphics are nothing short of superb and are almost overwhelming.One can easily capture the graphic from the Windows screen and easily paste it into any Windows program, such as Power Point of Word. Bernhard Knibbe (SCIEM) has created and is providing for free download a graphical interface for the popular quality-control computer program COFECHA.

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You'll also find very useful programs not normally found in other dendro programs, such as routines to seasonalize climate data, conduct principle components regression, even plot and edit tree-ring data!

Once they're downloaded to your hard disk, simply decompress them.

These will create the "exe" files for each routine, for example, "" To run, simply double click the file name.

It is available for Mac OSX, Windows and Linux from

This first release concentrates on measuring, organizing, and curating samples. Krusic, has had a great impact on the way the dendrochronological community analyzes tree-ring data.

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